Friday, November 28, 2008

My ride tomorrow...

Going solo...but figured I'd put it out there. I used to live out in VA, so mapped out a little route to go visit. Lots of big roads, but I'm hoping that the traffic will be light. Figured all 5 of you readers might want to see what I'm doing...

Here is the turn by turn from the city for future reference...

Cross Chain Bridge (to VA)
R - Chainbridge Rd (becomes Dolley Madison Blvd)
R - Georgetown Pike
R - River Bend Rd
L - Beach Mill Rd
R - Walker Rd (T)
L - Beach Mill Rd
L - Spring Vale Rd (cross rt. 7)
L - Hunter Mill Rd
L at T - Sunrise Valley Dr (Hunter Mill Rd)
L - Lawyers Rd
L - Church St
R - Park St
L - Cedar Ln
R - Idylwood Rd (becomes Kirby)
R - Powhatan St
L - Williamsburg Blvd
L - N. Glebe Rd
R - N Old Glebe Rd
R - Military Rd
L - Nellie Custis Dr
L - Lorcom Ln
R - Spout Run Pkwy
L - Lee Hwy
L - N. Lynn St
Cross Key Bridge (to DC)

This is mainly for me for later...Maybe I'll do a post ride report, eh?

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