Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back on the horse...

When you get kicked off that bad boy what do you do? Heal up and get back on that mofo. I rode for the first time yesterday since the Capital Crit down at Haines Point at lunch and it felt pretty good. I got down there a little late and starting riding against traffic to wait for the group. Normally, Mondays are the easy days...everyone rides slow, talks bikes, chats about nonsense. Today, I saw three guys off the front, one of them being Chuck Hutch (who looked like he was in full on "F#ck It" speed) and they looked like they were rolling. So I waited for the next group as I didn't want to have my first ride since riding be a sufferfest. I saw Dan (Coppi 4...riding a sweet new 09 white tarmac pro, HOT!) and a smaller group that looked more my pace and jumped in. Dan and I ended up rolling around chatting a bit about the upcoming season and how the offseason training was going, good stuff. Beat the rain by a couple of minutes...not bad.

It's funny though, one ride and I woke up this morning with my back sore....must be getting old.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Route 1 Velo / Arrow Bikes

Well, it is official now. The new shop sponsor for Route 1 Velo is Arrow Bikes out of Hyatsville. It is a great move as Chris Militello and Chris Davidson have really been a great asset to the club over the years. It's a privilege to be a part of the growth of their shop too.

Now I need to go out and buy a bunch of lime green and light blue stuff....can't wait to see what the new kits are going to look like.