Monday, July 13, 2009

Hagerstown III

This was a great race course, organized really well, and the weather held out till after our race was it was almost a perfect race. We went into the race with a plan to win the Jersey again using the same strategy that won it for us last year...several us patrol the front, go with moves, work to bring moves back that we're not in..and the a couple of us wait till the end and set up Brandon for the sprint. A simple strategy, yes, but sometimes simple is all you need for success.

The race itself was not so eventful, except for one dilemma moment that had me wondering at the time: Joel got himself in a nice move that put about ten to 15 seconds on the pack at its best. It was still away with about ten to go and I was on the front of the pack wondering what to do. Instinct told me to let it go and hope Joel had the legs to out kick and out wit the rest of the break for the win, but part of me had doubt and in this race when the only thing that matters is the win wanted to have it brought back so we could put R1V against the field in the field sprint. It came back on its own, so I didn't have to make anything happen, but what would you have done?

Final two laps and the plan was coming into fruition (right word?). Brandon was glued to my wheel and I had us in the top 5. One to go and the pace drops a little and the surge happens. The guys in front of me seemed to back off the gas and I saw us drop back to 8th or 10th wheel. Two turns to go and we're farther back than were I wanted us to be, so I was fighting to move past slowing wheels, squeezing us through some tight spots, and getting us to the outside (left) going into the last sweeper before the long run in. By this time I was full bore making ground on everyone in front of us. The plan was still in tact. Stay on the left..leave just enough space for Brandon to sprint by on your left...get to the "chicane" first. Eventual winner, Ryan Simpson, was on my right and the lone rider still in front of me. It gets hazy at this point, but I don't think I got past him before Brandon jumped. Regardless, he had some space, we were gaining on him, but Brandon ran out of road before the line...second.

My legs didn't have the top end to get us clean wheels to the line..too much during the race I guess (or just too slow). Bummed, because I doubt myself that I put it all on the line at the end. I think I did, but I'm not sure. I'm not going to think about it after I send this. racing probably until ING. Weird that we haven't heard much about it yet.


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