Friday, November 21, 2008

Highs and Lows

If you're like me, you read something like this (excellently written as always by Papa Jay) and the following happens:

You remember when you went to training camp last year with the team and rode on epic roads that climbed higher than you've climbed before and suffered more than you've ever suffered before. You think back at the fitness you had after camp; how you felt like you could go with anyone. How if SuperDave or the Muscle attacked the group, you'd pull them back and counter (now remember, this is how you ["I"] felt...not what you ["me"] could actually do..seriously, counter S.D.?! I don't think so.) You start day dreaming about the upcoming season. You start thinking about how strong you want to be. You start thinking about tacticts you are going to employ in each of the races to make sure that someone from your club wins every race you enter. You watch this (scroll down to the video of George vs Domo) and you almost lost your sh!t because of how awesome and real it is and how motivating it makes you feel towards getting out and suffering. You decide you're going to win multiple races this coming year...

But then you think about how cold it is outside. You think about your responsibilities that keep you from riding in the mornings or after work. You think about how dark it gets at this time of year around 5 pm. You remember how much you hate the trainer. You are reminded about a standing meeting that keeps you from meeting up with the lunch group down at Hains Point. You remember that you are the best at making excuses. You feel sorry for yourself...then you get angry because you're feeling sorry for yourself. You wonder if the countertop guy is actually going to deliver on the 24th. You remember that you should check your bank account...

Then you snap out of it...realize you're back in your 8'x9' cube staring at dual monitors and that you have a Hazard Analysis to write before any code can be promoted.

Yea...I think that's about how it goes.

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