Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reality check...

The problem with folks being in the strong void called cat 3 world is that you are committed enough to train to get past the cat 4 bump but you're not really in the strong 1/2/3 group you are competitive, maybe you've won some races in the past, and when you line up to compete you go into it with the mindset that you or someone that you are riding for is going to win the race. So here is the reality check. There are folks out there that are putting in a ton more miles than you are...and they are starting with a ton more base/experience than you are. Strong 1s and 2s that are killing it on the slopes of West Virginia or Wintergreen or racing hard in Pennsylvania are the true contenders. Sure, you get to race with them in a 1/2/3 race, but you better have some luck on your side if you think you're going to pull off something magical. My problem is that I "want" to be competitive in the amateur elite categories..not necessarily win, but be able to bang it out with the top dudes and be a part of the action.....not hanging on for dear life. Maybe that isn't a reality for myself or guys/gals in my position. Maybe that's where master's races come in. Doing the "under" category races or the master races is kind of like playing in the JV game at 2:30 and then sitting in the stands watching the Varsity guys.

So what is the reality check? There isn't enough time in the day to get it all done...unless you (and those who you are responsible for/to) are willing to make cycling one of, if not the, priority. Daydream all you want about a 3 man lead out coming out of the U turn onto Penn Ave (and maybe that might happen if all the big boys are doing the real "Varsity" race later in the day), but really...feel okay with the fact that the 3/4 race and an occasional 1/2/3 is okay and that you have to keep your results in perspective with your commitment.

This rain is making me crazy...

Cheers and good luck to those going to Jeff Cup.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Stable

I've been wanting to take some pictures of the stable for some time now. I just made an addition too. I went up to Arrow Bikes this afternoon to pick up my road bike (new tape, saddle, and cables) and ended up with a cross bike....sheesh, the guys are the best sales guys ever...or they are really good at offering Jameson and cold beer to ease the decision making process. I've been wanting one for a while so it only took a shot of Jameson and 1.5 New Castles to seal the deal.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory:

The Cross Bike. Stock Giant TCX 1. Only difference is that the saddle is off the road bike. Fizik Arione in black. I'm looking forward to riding it.

The road bike. I had to take a picture with the brand new white saddle/tape. Probably the only time they'll be that color. Oh yea, note the cables....yea, they're white. Are they awesome? Yes. I had ordered some hoods in white, but they didn't have ultegra ones...just dura ace, so that upgrade is going to have to wait.

The Grocery Getter. This was the race bike from two years ago. I loved this bike, and still do. I converted it to a single speed due to a phase I was going through. The things that are worth mentioned are the Paul Melvin keeping the tension, the CETMA rack up front holding the milk crate. Both work pretty well. A bonus accessory is the coffee cup holder. Pretty much seals the "Yuppy" look when I'm rolling into work with a shirt and tie on.


One of MABRA's greatest resources...

Jim Wilson

The only person in the world that can make someone look forward to checking email at work on a Monday. A big "Thank you" from le amateur domestique for being out there taking pictures of the races and letting those of us who weren't there feel like we were there.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Even Pros work on it...

Pez: It sounds like you’re not a ‘train’ kind of sprinter?
Tyler: It certainly helps; if you have a train it increases the odds of you of being in the right place at the right time. The Garmin train is a work in progress just now, but we’ll get there.

Pez Article

Video of the Finish

Early morning coffee...

6:36 am..

Coffee is brewing..

The computer says 37 degrees outside with chance of rain..

Today's ride is planned..90ish miles out and back from Capitol Hill.

I can't wake up earlier than 7:00 during the week to get to work early enough to get everything done that I need to get done. Come Saturday and Sunday though, I'll wake up at 5:00 am with no problem if I have a ride to go to...the cyclist in me is weird.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mandatory Viewing

I think I may have posted a link to this previously, but I just watched it again and remembered how interesting it was. It is a little long, but worth it:

Tactically, Domo Frites did exactly what they needed to do to win...even though they didn't have the strongest guy in the race. A must view by anyone who has any interest in the strategy of bike racing. Plus just cool in general.

"..when you have one guy against 4, you way to win."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hot v2.0

Brooke's bike....I seriously need to get one of these team rocket ships. They are sweet! I'm not 100% sold on the bar tape / hudz setup, but it's growing on me really quickly. Rumor is every other team is getting on board the Specialized train....but these white bikes are going to stand out real nice.

Can't wait to see this one in person.