Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arrow Cup #2

Whoah its been a long time. But honestly, nothing of value has happened bike wise since...well, a long time.

The fun thing happening now is the inaugural Arrow Cup out of Arrow Bicycles. Think the regular Arrow Bicycle Sunday ride with something to sprint for. Today was the second ride in the four ride "series". There was a pretty good turnout for the Sunday ride (9 am, from the shop) with the regular Route 1 Velo crowd and a couple of ABRT boys and some Cycle Life guys as well. Ace and lil Esmonde added some extra spark to an already explosive ride. Lots of fun.

So anyway, I'm sitting top 5 in the chase for the Cup with two rides to go. I don't think the top position is in my future, but a podium spot is a possibility. Riding more than once a week would help toward that.

The standings:
http://spreadsheets ccc?key=0AnKW4Ol 7FilsdDQ1OTlzdTF qVTRPRHpHZ29ISHo tWWc&hl=en

If you haven't done the ride before, it's worth a trip (or ride up from the city). With two weeks to go, there is still a chance for a heavy hitter to come in and take the prize ($100 @ and your name on the cup)