Sunday, April 20, 2008

Work weekend...No Dolan

Last year, strong man Joel took a nasty fall during the finish of the 3/4 race that left him with some nasty scars and scared the bejezus out of Kari and all of us. So with one week to go till we leave for the land of marriage bliss...I was out for today's race (can't have road rash in the wedding pictures). Seriously though, there is a lot to do until next week, so I wanted to make sure I was around to help out and keep stress levels to a minimum.

I got in a sweet little ride on Saturday during the 7am. I actually tried to ride up to the start for the first time and made it just as they were rolling out. For all those out there, the 7:00 am ride really leaves more around 7:10 to need to go into the red killing yourself up beach drive to try to get there by 7. Things of notice: The weekend at RTR feels like it is paying off. I was able to hang going up Anglers and out of the park...maybe it was the fact that the 27 was still on or maybe it was the fact that everybody is racing on Sunday and not going into their big ring on Saturday...who knows, but it felt good.

That got me thinking...comparing how you did on the Saturday or Sunday ride and thinking that is how you are going to fare on race day against the same guys is not the best way to go about judging fitness. Sure, I was able to hang going up Anglers with a couple of 1s and 2s, but these boys are 1s and 2s for a reason...and one of those reasons is that they can put the hurt on 3s in a bad way and have moved up to lay Senior hurt on instead. There is a chance that they're really pushing too, but I'm not guessing that they're turning themselves inside out on a training ride. My new theory is to compare how I did relative to how I felt last time on one of those rides. Not until I hang in a 1,2,3 race with these boys will I believe that I'm more than pack fodder compared to them. So until then, learn in the 3/4s and the 3s and jump in a 1,2,3 every once in a while to take a beating and measure fitness.

Heard the 3/4 had a nasty little wreck in it..I hope everybody made it with nothing too serious wrong. Let's keep it safe out there.



RayMan said...

Congrads on the nuptials. Don't have any kids any time soon, or you'll never be riding.

You missed a great day of racing. Weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday.

Kari & Jesse said...

All day Sunday I was thinking about all you guys out there in the rain...I don't mind the wet that much, but when the wind picks up...not as much fun.

Thanks bro! Stressfull, but very exciting times..