Friday, April 25, 2008

Week of rest...

No biking between Saturday and next Sunday...too bad too, cause I was feeling pretty good these past couple of rides. The power is there, and the endurance is getting pretty solid. The weight has hovered around 183 and 186 for the past couple of weeks and my health has stayed pretty I can't complain. I'm actually excited to get away from the bike a little because it'll make coming back to it even more exciting.

Plus I wonder what riding a bicycle as a married man will feel like...I assume my pain tolerance will increase, my ability to suffer through the long haul will improve, and my role as le domestique will actually be set in stone. :)

Of course I'm kidding...I couldn't be more excited.

This past week I had two real good days down at HP. Tuesday was good and I learned a valuable lesson: If you're in a group that has gone off the front or in a pack that is really wailing away down the is important to let the person behind you know if you are going to pop so they can be prepared to come around and try to make it to the wheel you just lost. I lost the wheel in front of me while in a group that had gone off the front (heavy artilery in that group) but had some folks behind me...I didn't signal that I was done (partially due to lack of oxygen and blindness) and the guys behind were caught by suprise...not sure if it all stayed together, but it disturbed the group enough to break the rhythem. Woops. Next time I'll signal (except hopefully next time I won't get popped).

I learned another valuable lesson on Wednesday when Frick and Young showed up on their TT bikes...those guys are really REALLY fast. They had the group (which was really big) strung out single file for every lap. A few of us hung on, but the suffering was impressive. Cat 1 land is a different animal. Having that being reminded to us lower levels is good...keeps our egos in check.

Enjoy the week of biking...stay safe.


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