Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Raw Talent Ranch

Two days, 117 miles, ~11,000 feet of climbing.

1) I've said this before, but guys over 180 pounds are not meant to go uphill fast.
2) West Virginia is amazing.
3) Jay has got something special with his Lost River Barn.
4) Reid is the best wrench going around.
5) You learn a lot about yourself when you're suffering through a 7 mile climb at a grade that you've never seen before in your life and having a face to face with your inner demons.

I used to think that I've suffered and have felt pain on the bike, but I've never experienced what we went through on Saturday....and for some sick reason, I liked it. Not only do I feel that it helped me physically, but I feel mentally tougher because of it as well.

Take the mileage numbers and double them to get a true representation of how I felt at the end of the day. The terrain surrounding Jay's barn is incredible. The climbs go on forever. Saturday's last climb was 7 miles...straight up...at a pitch that I have never seen before...ever. At one point after getting dropped by the quick boys (Jay and Esmonde are animals) up front I looked down at the computer and it was reading 2.2 mph...2.2 MPH! I was standing on the pedals and doing minny trackstands between rotations to keep from falling over.

Now, for clarity, I hate going uphill. Around here it's not that bad since you can power over them (see Ross Hill in Rock Creek). I'd much rather be on a flat course with the pace around 28 to 30 plus holding on for dear life to the wheel in front of you...I can suffer mentally through that, but the mental toughness it takes to hold a pace while chasing Jay, Esmonde, Brooke, Ted and the boys uphill...that is something else and for those who master and can control the mental pain that comes with that suffering...there are podium spots waiting for you down the road.

Jay and Audrey have put something magical together out in West Virginia. If you ever get a chance to go out there...do NOT pass it up. The secret won't be so secret for very long...Popeye has spinach, Scooby has his snacks, and the top cyclists in the D20 area are going to have RTR.



John P. said...

Ow that sounds like fun. West Virginia sounds like a cyclist's paradise to me.

DCVelobella said...

You can be the Tom Boonen of the MABRA!! (just don't pull a boner like he did at 96th Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen - 1.HC
Belgium, April 16, 2008 ;)


Oh and I updated my blog, finally!