Monday, June 22, 2009


We were fans this weekend and made our way to the city center to watch a couple of friends compete in the Dextro ITU sanctioned triathlon. What a setup. This was the first time I had watched a draft-legal triathlon race and it was really cool. I kept trying to do the math while watching it and it looked like the lead guys were averaging right around 26 ish miles per hour on the bike. I was expecting speeds a little faster, but after looking at the run times, my hat goes off to all those guys. Here are the top 5 finishers 10K times after 40K at about 26 miles per hour:

1) 31:00
2: 31:12
3) 31:26
4) 31:50
5) 32:29


I've run a 10K or two in my lifetime and that is impressive. 4:59 pace for 6.2 miles after riding 40K at 26 mph...more than impressive. Cyclists like to make fun of triathletes here and there, but the guys at the top of their game earn the respect they deserve. Wow.

On a side note for all you race promoters out there. The bike course they used for the bike leg of the race would be perfect for a road course. Very spectator friendly, scenic, and challenging.

Cheers and how about some d@ng TOWC results!


BAS said...

I watched some of this on Comcast sports net last night.

Seems like if your not in the lead - you get no love from the camera/annoucers.

Anyways - my main reason for this reply - there was downtown crit that was started last year on these roads, and it is back for 2009!!!

Jesse said...

I'm a huge fan of the capital crit. It was a blast to do last year and I'm excited about doing it again this year.

Just saying that the course they used for the tri would also be a good course for an additional race downtown (no reason why there can only be one).

Iain Banks said...

Triathletes are a bad ass was a cool venue downtown, just a shame that the swim was a trek away from the rest of the course.