Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday strategy sessions

Mr. Joe jefferson sent out an interesting question to the listserve Monday that, when first reading it, I thought there was no question what the answer was. If you didn't see it, here it is:

<i>On Jun 8, 2009, Joseph Jefferson wrote:

This is just a little something to get start the Monday off right.  I announced the Race Avenue Criterium in Lancaster, PA on Saturday and had the chance to witness something that I have not seen in a rather long time.  A break of six went early in the men's I, II, III race and it soon went down to five guys.  I noticed that they appeared to be in the same order every time they passed me and just assumed that they were all working well together and taking their turns like clock work.  The laps clicked by and the sprint finally came.  The race was one by a Jittery Joe's U25 rider while Chad Gerlach to second.  The rider who I routinely saw at the back of the break took third, while Jeremy Grimm and Johnny  (El Gato) Sundt to fifth.  It was only after the race that I found out that the third place rider never worked in the break.  The riders who placed fourth and fifth gave the youngster a post race talking to but things seemed to be civil. <b>That being said, should the rider have contested the sprint knowing that he did not work in the break?</b></i>

Hellz Yea he should have contested the sprint. No brainer, right? Let's put it into perspective: If I get myself into a break with someone who is willing to work solo and is stronger/faster than I am...and doesn't seem to care whether I help or not...and there is money at the finish line...and he's keeping us away...I'm sitting on and enjoying the ride. Sure its not the classiest thing, but this is RACING!

The muscle, chuck, frick, ramon, super dave, young, and myself make a break....I aint doing a lick of work. ;). Now if that could only happen...

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Ryan Douglas said...

The hanging chad in this situation is that people did care and were calling for him to work and he chose not to. Thus, he got a tounge lashing by the vets of the break. I bet he does not do that again, at least not with this group of Pros, lesson learned.

Knowing you Jesse, you would feel ashamed for not doing any work, its not your style. The problem would be keeping you from doing too much work and not having any matches to take the Muscle at the end you could totally take the Russ....if he started at the back of the pack maybe.

Chickin said...

Hey Jesse, don't have your email so I'm writing you here :-) Are you doing that Conte's ride tonight? It's not free beer night so I didn't know if you'd be there. Tell me more.