Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mandatory Viewing

I think I may have posted a link to this previously, but I just watched it again and remembered how interesting it was. It is a little long, but worth it:

Tactically, Domo Frites did exactly what they needed to do to win...even though they didn't have the strongest guy in the race. A must view by anyone who has any interest in the strategy of bike racing. Plus just cool in general.

"..when you have one guy against 4, you way to win."


Sigberto said...

Fantastic video.

I think the one time I saw one guy beat 4 was when Vino attacked Levi and Gerolsteiner for points and time bonuses (and a top 5) during an intermediate sprint in the final stage of the tour a few years ago... He also went on to win the stage and I think we can all doubt his blood's purity now, by he did beat 4 guys.

Eddie B said...

cool post. funny how Lance calls Johan up to talk strategy mid-race.

Dave Cooper said...

This is a great video. Would love to see George win one before he retires.