Saturday, February 14, 2009

Skills & Drillz plus Tradezone #1 Tomorrow

If you're (a) going to Tradezone tomorrow, (b) doing the B race, and (c) don't race for Route 1 Velo, don't worry about me. I'm out of shape, feeling slow, and about 20lbs overweight. If you are A and B but not C (teammate) disregard that last statement...we are going to rock tomorrow! ;)

The Skills and Drills sessions are legit. Little E is doing some good work setting these up. We split up into teams today and worked on taking the right lines through the course and some sprints. We then did a variation of the track Madison race where each person took a lap and then "passed the baton" to the next person (touch of the hand) and then they took off. It hurt pretty good and everybody had a good time. We then did a 15-20 lap mini-crit which was a blast and also hurt pretty good. A couple of the guys are looking really strong and I think the 3/4/5 Route 1 Velo guys are going to be scary good this out. ;)

We're rolling out to Tradezone tomorrow as a group, leaving Capitol Hill around 9 am from around the Stadium Armory Metro (19th and Independence) and leaving enough time to get to the B race start at 10:30. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm a little bit worried since there are 49 people registered but only 75 spots. We'll see how everything feels. The week has been good to me with training and I feel pretty great for February. HP lunch sessions have been good and the intensity has been up the legs should be ready for some pain.

But before that, Valentine's Day dinner and wine...


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Kyle Jones said...

Are you going to kick my ass. Who else is coming. Is Jose, Jason, and Brigham making the pilgrimage with you.