Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pilgrimage to Sugarloaf

With UMD being canceled I think I'm going to organize a team ride out to Sugarloaf on that weekend. Get all the guys together to go loooong as a group before the season really kicks off.

The Route

I've done parts of it before, but never the whole thing. 80ish miles if we leave from Georgetown.


Robb said...

can other non route 1 bikenerds come? us bike doctor guys have been doing this almost every sunday since Januaryish..but our group is SMALL. SMALL = more pulls at the front.

basically, i'm looking to sit on the back of your ride and not do any work.

my word verification is 'dingspit'. i'm not making this up.

Jesse said...

I don't see why not...might be better since you guys probably know the best way to get out there.

Scott said...

Will you promise to throw elbows in the corners and try to run us off the road? ;^)

Robb said...

i don't know? do i have a reputation for doing that? if i do, the other guy deserved it.

at will be hard to throw elbows when i'm off the back. you guys are fast.

Ryan said...

Some of us are fast, other are slower and known for going back to start shit with all the people off the back. Jesse good idea. Papa II, whoooaaaah daddayyyy!

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