Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Should I be upset that Boonen did ecstasy?

"Tom Boonen used not only cocaine but also the party drug Ecstasy, according to the Gazet van Antwerpen. The sprinter's attorney has protested that his client is not being handled fairly."

Article on Cycling News

Okay, sure, if he worked in the government, worked with dangerous heavy machinery, drove a school bus with 3rd graders in it, or was president of the United States...maybe.

But he rides a bicycle? I guess maybe sponsors wouldn't be too happy about that...and teammates might be bummed because they bust their @sses all year getting themselves in tip-top fitness just to help you win races. A black eye on cycling since anyone who isn't in the cycling world would look at this and say, "yup, everybody in that sport is dirty...".

Personally, I don't care. Granted if I was his brother, father, son, uncle, etc...I would be disappointed. If I was his leadout man and we kept losing races and I found out he was using in season and it might have an impact on his performance, yea, I'd care. But as mr. average sitting in my cube reading about this on cyclingnews, no.

Boonen is under 30 and a huge celebrity. Rock Star some might call him. When I read on TMZ (seriously, I don't actually read TMZ, but for this reference it works...) that some rocker got busted with an ounce of [insert recreational drug name here] while partying with his buddies, I think to myself, "what am I going to have for dinner"...get it, I don't think about it. These guys get in trouble. If someone who I'm a devout follower of...say, maybe someone like Zeus, got busted for Ecstasy...yea, I'd be disapointed then. Maybe Boonen isn't "Zeus-like" enough. I think some people would disagree though...the more I think about it, the more I disagree with where I started with this. Don't do drugs. Even if you don't have followers, it just isn't cool.

Clean living...except for beer on weekends.....and sometimes during the week, but never for breakfast....except on holidays.

Anyway, cycling update. Big donut hole since Saturday. Sick as a dog. Very bad cough and potential walking pneumonia. A couple of days more rest and then we'll see what happens.



goyo said...

Dude, I'm sick too. No more riding in 20 degree weather....

RayMan said...

not missing much with the crap weather we are having these days.