Thursday, December 11, 2008

My "doping" cocktail recipe...

Just in case you see me riding really fast one of these days here is my current recipe of substances making up my doping cocktail:

- 250 MG Azithromycin once a day (usually around 10:00 pm)

- 10 ML Guaifenesin and Codeine every four hours -- around 1:00 AM I switch to 10 ML of Tussin DM which helps stop the coughing and allows me to get some sleep.

- 2 drops of Naphacon A in each eye every 4 hours or so.

- 100 mcg of Fluticasone Propionate spray in each nostril once a night before bed

- 2 to 4 Ibuprofen per day as needed

- About 10 to 20 Halls cough suppressant lozenges per day

I started feeling bad last Wednesday and peaked to the point of breaking down in the bathroom Tuesday night praying that this sickness would go away. I finally feel pretty good tonight and hope that everything will be back to normal by tomorrow. Sickness sucks. Reading about people training and riding their bikes while you're too sick to breathe without coughing up a storm sucks even more. My fitness sucks and weight is out of control. I'm getting a little stir crazy. One of these days I'll ride my bike again...until then, I'm going to wait on someone coming up with something original and poach it for my own. ;)


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JAA said...

Wow...thats a lot of meds.