Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter training plan

My winter training regime is in full swing.

After doing absolutely nothing on the bike for the past week, I rode a total of 0 miles this past weekend. Right now I am 100% dedicated to my winter plan which has three main parts:

1) Watch college football games. I usually do a couple of hard efforts to the fridge and back for cold beer and several repeats of chips to the salsa bowl.

2) Look at my bike and wonder what day would be best to clean it..this is followed by the realization that cleaning seems like a lot of work, and tomorrow is the best day for work.

3) Feel disgusted with myself and wonder at what point am I not allowed to call myself a cyclist and become just a hoarder of cycling gear.

Today is a day off for work and I'm going to try to go to Hains Point for lunch to get my @ss handed to me. There is no better motivation that seeing the pack roll away from you and knowing that at your current fitness, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it...just what the doctor ordered.


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