Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you, may I have another...

I may not be the first one to say this, but Dang those harley boys are fast.

I showed up on Tuesday down at HP hoping for a good little workout. Got there a little late so I started my reverse lap to hope to meet up with a group enjoying some exercise on Veteran's day (thank you all)...again, who do I see, Mr. "F#ck it" speed (Chuck Hutch) driving a group of four which included a teammate of his, Dan from Coppi, and another dude who was working hard as well. I latched onto the back and decided this was what I was looking for. With this group there were two things that were going to happen:

1) I drop everybody like a bad habit
2) I hold on for dear life and hope to sneek in one lap, maybe two if I'm lucky.

There was about a 0.0001% of #1 happening that day...maybe ever, so let the suffering begin.

I took a couple of pulls as we were cordial, but working on the first lap. On the backstretch, Chuck and his boy (Butts?) decided to sprint for the line, which dropped all of us. This was my first lap, so I fought to catch back up and got back on by the start of the second lap. Now it was just the three of us. The Harley guys trading pulls, and me holding on for dear life. I felt bad that I was wheel sucking, but was all I could do. They didn't seem to mind all that much (I chatted Chuck up afterwards a little and he said all that mattered was that he beat Butts to the line) so I just went from one wheel to the other while they kept the pace up around ridiculous speed. On the back side, the pace slowed a little and they started looking at each other...I knew what was coming, so I geared down and started picking up the pace..but it didn't matter. Next thing you know, I was watching them ride away from me and I started my cooldown a little earlier than planned.

I went looking for a beat down and I found it thanks to two boys from Harley...thank you, I'll take another next time we meet.

On a side note, I was at a bar once with a bunch of them watching a couple of DJs (My boy Hanz and Ian from Harley) and I'm sure that I can drink more beer than any of them....not a challenge, but I need something. ;)

I'm hoping December is better than November, cause November has been pretty disapointing on the bike.


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