Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some quick realizations

Quick update:

Weight: 179
Health: Much better
Mood: Decent, but very tired all the time
Fitness: Not bad, better actually, but disappointingly will probably be really good right after the last race of the year.

So when I started this thing I was excited about writing up race reports and discussing team tactics and the experience in the 3s and the 1/2/3s. Unfortunately though, it has become more a notebook for my thoughts on training and lack of racing. Getting hurt sucks. Missing Fort Ritchie, CSC, Bike Jam, Kelley Cup, RFK, and Reston because you're hurt also sucks. I think those would have been some good ones to be a part of and also to write about. On a positive, I got to watch those races and gain another appreciation for the sport. Seeing the teammates do well in the 2/3s and 3/4s was great. Seeing the local Pros bang it out against some of the nations finest was also inspiring. I've become a fan again.

Okay, so what's on my mind today:

Last night, after the 6:30 pm Conte's ride, I realized that I don't necessarily want to be a cat 2 or cat 1, but I do want to ride like one. I'd be happy to be a cat 3 forever, but be able to hand and hold my own in the 1/2/3 races regionally. Also, after looking up Sean O'Rourke of team Kenda/Raleigh (who blew up the ride...but in a good way) I also noticed that a requirement to being a 1 is to be under 30 years old (not always the case, but if you look at the roster of riders on kenda/raleigh, all those dudes are under 30). Okay one of them is 30, but still...youth rules the upper echelons of the pro circuit. Plus, how cool would it be to be a competitive in the 1/2/3s as a cat 3? Do they still force your upgrade in that case? Now I am getting ahead of myself as the only 1/2/3 race I've done was the greatest sufferfest I've ever been a part we'll wait and see what happens next year. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself or maybe the first cup of coffee hasn't kicked in yet and I'm still delirious from sleep.

That's all for now..



Chickin said...

"Fitness: Not bad, better actually, but disappointingly will probably be really good right after the last race of the year."

There's always cross.

fabsroman said...

Being a 3 is all I am shooting for. You can race the 1/2/3; 3; 3/4; and Masters races, so what more do you really want. While I like to win, I am doing this for fun, so I have no inclination to be a 2 and only get to race the 1/2/3 and Masters races, if I could even get to that level.

To answer your question about upgrades, I believe there are still automatic upgrades from a 3 to a 2, but it takes more points. If I should ever find myself in that situation, I'll just give leadouts to teammates until I am no longer in that situation. LOL That is definitely wishful thinking right now. LOL

KML said...

Yea there is cross season, you would barely have to step over an obstacle with those long legs!! BTW Weins won Leadville and he is above 30 so is Lance. Age is just a number!!