Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Training ... Races ... Other nonsense

Let's get back to the basics:

Weight: 182 pounds ... real low.
Health: Good. Feel healthy
Fitness: Real close...getting dangerous. ;) j/k
Mood: Sport/Outside work = good; During the 9 to 5 = C- at best

My new plan for the rest of August and September is to prep up for The Ann Arbor Criterium in September and then come back here for Turkey Day...and maybe Coppi if I get in (I'm #6 on the waiting list). Thoughts about all three of these:

1) The Crit in Ann Arbor: It is going to be exciting to go up to a city where nobody knows you and race on a cool course right downtown. Another good part is that the wife's family and Michigan friends will be there, so they'll get a glimpse into this part of my life that they've heard me talk about but have never seen. By day a regular office guy who enjoys happy hour, by night, super cyclist! Esmonde mentioned when he raced in Jersey that the 1/2/3 race up there was more like a 3 race here...maybe the same holds for the midwest. We'll see. The fitness should be spot on around then.

2) Coppi. If I get in, someone from R1V wins the road race Jersey as well and I get free drinks from them and Brandon all year next year. :) Actually, it'll be fun since I haven't done a road race since Jeff Cup last year as a 4. I don't know if it was the distance or what, but it really took a lot out of me at the time. Maybe another year of fitness and confidence will be the additive to make road racing fun.

3) Turkey Day...if it is a 3/ is going to be a lot of fun. There are a couple of 4's that are chasing the points for the upgrade to 3 and it would be cool to help them along. Also I like all this stuff I'm hearing about attacking and racing like 1s and 2s...Hunny Bop was eye opening and I'm looking forward to applying that experience to my next races.

Minor notes:

A. One is never to old to use smileys. :)
B. Guys who work in cubes no more about suffering than anybody else.
C. Conte's is like a cyclist's candy store...that place has some nice stuff...really nice.
D. Power is for suckers...find the fastest guy in a group ride and try to stay with them. There is your power meter. ;)

Training plan for the coming weeks is as follows:

Mon: Rest
Tuesday: AM - HP intervals (30ish miles), PM - Group ride or 30ish miles of hills
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: AM - HP intervals, PM - Thursday night World Championships down at HP
Friday: Easy ride at lunch or rest
Saturday: 7am Ride out of RC
Sunday: Arrow Ride or 8:30 BP ride...

Beer is on Friday and Saturday...maybe Wednesday too.


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