Monday, March 10, 2008

Racing is just around the corner

UMD Crit is on Saturday. I can't wait. I'm getting that nervous feeling of anticipation of the season actually starting. Kari was making fun of me yesterday as I dished out all my thoughts on how the thing was going to play out and all I had to do this week for prep, etc, etc...I give her credit though, I deserved most of the mockery.

I checked Bike Reg and it looks like only 21 people have signed up for the 3/4 as of this morning. Five of them are from R1V. I'm not a betting man nor do I know much about Vegas odds, but that's not bad representation when almost a quarter of the participants are from your own team. Only 21 also doesn't leave much room for anyone to hide or sit in too much either. It's going to be painful right from the gun for the entire why would anyone want to miss that?!?

Got about 120 miles in last week. I had wanted to get in a monster ride on Sunday, but it just didn't work out that way. I think some easy days here and there this week and some rest for Saturday and all should be good.

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