Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Different levels

Great Monday weather + taunting from Esmonde = Ride at Hains Point on a recovery day.

Trav, E, Cliff, Brandon, and I showed up down at the point for a couple of laps after work and started fooling around with sprints with the wind at our backs. We were chatty on the way down to the point, but picked it up on the Virginia side to the regular sprint line (think lunch ride).

A warning to all signing up for the 1/2/3 races out there: If the race is coming to a bunch sprint, look out for the little tatted guy in the R1V kit. That kid is quick. Two times I thought I had the sprint. I remember the gap from my initial jump, glancing down at the computer...seeing numbers in the 36 to 38 range, seeing the line, and then seeing E coming around out of nowhere. That's not supposed to happen....

This goes back (sorta) to a previous post of mine about how some folks are just gifted. They have that little something extra that puts them just a bit higher on the poll of ability. Now I'm sure a lot of it is also training, technique, instincts, and years in the saddle, but there are a bunch in the MABRA region that race in and race out just perform at a different level..year after year. I think one of all of our goals is to get to that level. Why else put in the miles and all the time and effort (not to mention the dough $$$) on this addiction?

Anyway, enough about that...I was looking at the UMD crit registered riders list and it looks pretty bleak (18 have signed up out of a possible 75). Why is everyone so afraid of this course? Too hard to early in the year? I've heard that the first turn scares some. Sign up already!! How often do you get a crit this close to DC...support those college kids for making this happen for us.

PS: I don't like to clean my bike...although I'm obsessed with wanting to ride it. ;)

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Kyle Jones said...

I might sign up for both if it does not get more riders. You guys just have to let me win.