Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's get it on already!

I am officially over training and am ready for the season to start...not physically, but mentally. All this time spent on group rides, solo rides, cross training, watching (or not watching) what I eat, and thinking about racing is making me crazy. I need to get out there and suffer for purpose and for results. The motivation has switched from getting fit for racing, to fine tuning fitness for results (mine and/or teammates). Let's go!

The UMD Crit teased me with the "false" hope that registration opened today at 8:00 am...I was here at 7:55 ready to sign up and officially accept that the season has started. I'll have to wait a few days though as reg doesn't open till the 29th...dang.

What a race though. Two years now it's split within the first few laps. In 2006, as a 5 I was in the break with (check out this who's who..) Jose Escobar, RayMan, Agent Mulder, and eventual winner Ken Young. We got away early and the course and the elements let us stay there. Check out this Picture I found on the POWER website. Unfortunatley, clipping out of a pedal in the sprint gave me 6th...although I think I could have done better. In 2007, the same thing happened. The wind was brutal and Brooke and I attacked right from the gun. The split was almost immediate. Michael Githens, Mulder, and Joel Steen bridged up to us and eventually we split again resulting in Joel and Mulder riding away for 1/2 and Githens, myself and Richard Distad battling it out for 3 through 5.

So in short, stay up front early in this one cause it's going to split and if your on the wrong side of the split...your day is done.




RayMan said...


thank god you had a pedal malfunction in that race. Led to my 3rd place finish behind Ken and Jose. Otherwise I would have come in 6th or 7th.

Kyle Jones said...

I have the same feelings you do except I now have to gain the top end because I have none. That race was a bitch last year. This year I am totally going to be ready for that freaking break that seems to happen. Also I am pissed about UMD moving the date. I think last year they moved it 3 times every week. Just pick a day and leave it.