Monday, January 14, 2008

Setting Records...

Unfortunately I'm not setting records of the good kind. I currently have the record for quickest to "break" the Tarmac E5 frame. After 70 miles and two days of riding, the head tube where the aluminum and the carbon are fused together started to I had to give the frame back to CHB and they'll warranty it back to Specialized.

I asked if it was because I "was too much of a beast and putting out crazy power?", but they said it was just failure on the I was doubly dissapointed. Bummer. I really like the frame, how it rode, and how it looked. The guys at CHB were top notch though and swapped all the components back to the Giant in one day so I could ride this weekend. Those guys/gals are aces.

Anyway, I missed the 10:00 am ride on Saturday (I was planning on making a showing with the rest of the team) due to whisky and didn't get out of the house until 1:45. I got about 25 junk miles in out to Bethesda and back and spent most of the time trying to dial in the fit on the Giant. Sunday was the shop ride and it was a great turnout. We rolled out to Arlington, tested the legs a little, and got about 44 miles in. A good day and a confidence builder considering the lack of mileage I've been putting in.

For the week, even with the broken frame, I put in about 185 miles. It's not much, but 180 to 250 is right about perfect for me now. Anything more at this point and I think I'd be back into sickness. Assesment time:

1) Sunday's ride let me know that the explosiveness is not back yet (not that I was very explosive at any point). The "pop", or ability to go from steady state to max effort immediately, will come with time.
2) I had a couple of good climbing efforts that gave me a bit of confidence that I'll be able to hold heavy efforts. Not yet, but soon.
3) The teammates are riding really well. Elder Lumm is rocking on the bike already and showing a lot of sprint speed. I'm looking forward to setting him up for the big finishes this year. Also, Tuesday's lunch ride with Cernich was eye opening as well as he is killing it out there. It was all I could do to hang on his wheel. He's going to be a threat in every race he does this year.
4) I need to drink less on Fridays.



RayMan said...

Sorry to hear about the new bike. Hope it wasn't because you are seriously overweight and completely stressed the joints out as you pounded your peddles?
I'm going to try for HP on Thursday.

Welcome back to the cycling world.

Kari & Jesse said...

I hope not as well! I got my @ss handed to me at HP today. The wind and effort was brutal.