Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My TCX is on a diet - Part 1

I weighed my stock Giant TCX 1 (XL) and it came in at 21.2 pounds. I figured I'd swap out the wheels from the road bike to the cross bike for Charm City since I haven't ridden in two weeks and I'm bored. :) I don't know if the weight savings was significant for cross..as I've never actually raced cross..but the result was a loss of 1 pound (down to 20.2 lbs) and the bike looks a lot cooler than with the Mavic CXP 22s.

What do you think?

I think next is to get rid of the top bar brakes and move to a single front chainring setup.

I'm such a loser and am more into making bikes look fast as opposed to actually making them go fast.


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Bill said...

Getting rid of that odd contraption attached to your down tube--I think they call it a water bottle cage(?)--will save you a couple ounces.

Scott said...

And your bike is sorely lacking in white stuff. The absence of color is so much lighter than color itself.