Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poolsville 3/4

Tough Race.

The gravel is something else. I never figured out the right line to go into the gravel. The first two times we went through I took it too hot and ended up in the dirt off the left, but not going down. The last few times I just slowed down to a point where I wasn't all over the place going in...sacrificed some spots on the run in, but stayed up.

Tim from Bike Rack is is Ryan from Evo. If Ryan had a couple of teammates in that race that would work for him, he'd win everything. Tim is also a bull of strength, but I think he was getting frustrated with the race, the rest of us, and maybe even his teammates. They need a gathering to go over strategy...had they played that right, Bike Rack would have won that race. That leads me to my next thought...when did Bike Rack become the dominant team in the 3/4 categories!? Impressive stuff guys.

My bunny hopping skills are legit. :) Saved me from a whole lot of gravel-burn. I'm not sure what happened, but there was a crash right in front of me and it was either try to make an evasive manuever on the gravel (which would have led to disaster) or pull up on the pedals and handlebars and hope that those days on the BMX bike were good for something. Luckily, disaster was averted.

Although I was there at the end, I'm not sure what good I was. Brandon ended up 2nd overall and Brig and I attempted to string it out coming past the feed zone for the last time. I didn't have much left at the end, but even it was for just a second, I'm thinking that keeping the pace high improved elder Lumm's chances a little. I need to figure out what these guys are doing that have all this power to maintain power during the race. I'm good for short bursts...not the long haul.

Anyway, good race and very well organized. Thank you NCVC!

Cheers...see you suckers tomorrow at Reston.


speedemporium said...

is this tim from bike rack? check it out hes got a large water bottle in his jersey plus three in his back pockets..

Jesse said...

Yea...maybe he was domestique for the day?

Tim Rugg said...

Indeed - after my team helped me out so much at ToWC, I wanted to repay them with a "domestique" effort.

I was frustrated... but mostly just on a mission - I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Sam said...

I dunno, if a Bunny Hop gives you 6-18inches of vert then what you pulled off was a Jack Rabbit Hop... or maybe even something more reminiscent of the rarely spotted jackalope.

But Great ride at Poolesville, trying to wrestle the reins from you guys was def part of the fun. I know we blew it in the last few K... but what would have you done differently, tactically, at that point? I think our main problem was the same as yours... all of our wheels started to fall off our wagons.