Saturday, May 2, 2009

Country road...take me home...

to the place...I belong...WEST VIRGINIA!!!!

Last weekend:

Friday: 40 to 50 miles, Saturday: 77 miles, Sunday: 50ish miles ... < begin sarcasm > with just a little bit or "hills". < end sarcasm >

The team went out to Jay's Raw Talent Ranch out in good 'ole Mathias, West Virginia last weekend and it was awesome. Epic would be a word for the rides. Saturday's death march was the hardest ride I've ever done. At one point, I was rolling along in the 27 down an unfinished highway (large loose gravel/stones) on a ridge overlooking some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen in a long time. Jay of course looks over at us and smiles and says, "This is what is all about boys..". I reply with a "!!".

I'd put a lot of money on Jay vs. MABRA when it comes to going uphill...that guy has a motor and the ability to suffer past the realm of realization of any of us. One Stupid Wow.

I could go on and on about how great the barn is and how the roads out there are the perfect setting for cycling. But everyone that goes says that. If you haven't gone, go. Just do it and you'll thank me later.

We did a lap of the Lost River Classic. That race is going to demolish the unprepared. My guess is that the first two laps will leave half the field off the back in any category outside of the men's 1/2/3. We talked strategy about it and there are some pretty good ways to win that race. The finish is going to be wild. The climbers are definitely going to have an advantage out there, but those who have the balls to descend like a kamikaze are going to make up some serious ground as well (and maybe pull of the win if they're there at the end). I'm pretty excited about it.

No races for me this weekend (me and the wife are celebrating one year of marriage bliss), but Fort Ritchie next weekend is going to be something....I won't say anything this time, but it's going to be fun.


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