Monday, January 12, 2009

500 F&*king Watts?

This post goes out to the orange and grey can sitting in front of me.

Rumor was that after this past weekend, it was to be no more, I think fact is that it will just be revamped a little. I don't drink it very often, but I was secretly happy that it existed. A drunk friend at a bar said to me once, "Jay [he didn't get the name right...but I can't fault him for that], Sparks is that perfect beer when you need to go home, but you want to have one more..." He really wasn't a good friend of mine...not the smartest one in the bunch. Anyway, focus!

Weight: 190
Fitness: C+
Mood: Decent
Miles last week: 110

I got out to Hanes (is it Hanes or Haines...I spell it differently each time!) Point three time last week. Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I think there is an understanding that Mondays and Fridays are "easy" days...both these days were harder than Thursday. Some of those guys out there are showing some really good form. Or at least I'm hoping there showing great form and not at 60%, only to get faster by March and April and turn "Pro-ish" in May and June. I was really disappointed with myself on Monday (mainly because I hadn't ridden the bike in 3 weeks, but also because I suck on the bike). I took one pull and woosh, I was out the back convincing myself that it was for the best because I had a 1:30 meeting that I should be getting ready for....I actually was pretty pissed. The wind was bad, my fitness was worse, and everybody else was faster than I was. I rode back down the mall mad at the world and feeling like cycling was stupid and maybe I should get into running or something. It's funny how we forget though. I was back out there Thursday hoping to get more. Thursday and Friday were better and even though I got my @ss handed to me, my confidence was better and I felt like three days on the bike did wonders to my minimal form. Maybe it's mental, maybe the years of riding make return to form more exponential as opposed to linear...who knows, I'm a desk jockey, not a scientist. I'm going with it though...makes me feel better when the 40+ crowd put the hurt on me in January and February (or any other month for that matter). Sunday some of the R1V crowd showed up to Arrow bikes to do the first Skills & Drills session, but the weather did not cooperate. The parking lot was too wet so we ended up doing the regular shop ride. That ride is getting better and better each time I do it. Plus when the "engines" of the team show up, its fast and painful, and no you gotta hang on. :)

Anyway, to the point of the title. I don't know anything about training with power. I know that if the guy next to you is going fast, you should try to go as fast or faster and you'll have a good workout. I got a flat on the shop ride on Sunday, so I decided to cash in my "one-day-free-pass" to Results gym in Capitol Hill and take the spin class. This was the first spin class I've taken in about 6 years and the "bikes" they use have gotten pretty fancy. They measure cadence, watts, distance, there is a gear indicator...pretty cool stuff. Anyway, the damn instructor starts harping about...okay 200 watts for the next minute, 250 watts for the next minute, 300 watts, etc...He gets to 350 and then starts adding, "okay, if you were able to get 350, try 400..." At this point I'm tired, and working pretty hard. I'm looking around and there are all kinds of ... whats the best way to put this, not the greatest looking athletes in the room still puffing away ... He gets to 450 and then says, now try for 500 watts for a minute. That's when, in my head, I blurted out the title of this post...again, I don't know much, but 500 watts for a minute for the average joe doesn't seem feasible. Maybe the "bikes" are all calibrated funny, but I was dead tired at this point and decided to sit up and give the instructor the evil eye...all in all it was okay, I produced a lot of sweat and I was a little worried I was starting to stink up the room. I overheard the instructor talking about how he didn't want to buy a road bike because they were too uncomfortable...I chuckled at that.

Anyway, I'm thinking of retiring from cycling and becoming a full time spin class jockey...depending on how the season goes. ;)



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kudos for not taking 'The Short Cut of Shame' when dropped.
haines etiquette 101:
dont cut the course

Hermes Cyclo Pompous hates when he sees that. usually causes a rise in the Huffy sacrifice quota per month. we're already at five a month and thats just to keep the wreaks from happening. so dont cheat..the repercussions could be deadly.