Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crazy Track Antics

Watch this and tell me whether the first wreck was intentional:

The second one is mind blowing. Who does that kind of sh!t? Wow.



Bryan Vaughan said...

Jesse - It was totally intentional. Lakotosh has a history of this kind of stuff and got suspended for this one I think.

Here's some background. Google him - there's more. What a total dick.

RayMan said...

The first crash looked like someone wasn't protecting their front wheel.
The second was definitely intentional.
But what about the attempts to run riders off the course earlier in the race?
Don't get any ideas for this upcoming season.

Jesse said...

Vaughan! Good to have you back. And congrats on the BAR.

I'm on the fence as to how intentional that first one was...I'll have to watch it again. I think I might be with RayMan as the guy who went down didn't do much to protect himself. That second crash was unreal! That was assault...'s the recovery? When's the next post?

RayMan said...


I started riding outside this past weekend. Road down to HP on Sunday and fuck was it windy. Hope to get some good base miles in this weekend. Nothing but tempo. Back is feeling much better.