Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reality Check...

I was looking at the results of the Univest Grand Prix Road Roace and noticed something that we here in MABRA never see:

Univest Grand Prix Road Race Results

Take a look at the DNF's. Here are guys that KILL locally. Granted I don't know the whole story..stomach flues, mechanicals, crashes...there are various reasons why someone might not finish. But assuming that these guys were in top form and didn't have something happen to kind of opens your eyes to how good and tough the pro peloton is. Thumbs up and much respect to the guys below for even attempting such an event.

DNF Brian Butts (USA) Battley Harley Davidson Elite Cycling Team
DNF Sean Barrie (USA) Battley Harley Davidson Elite Cycling Team
DNF Ken Johnson (Can) Battley Harley Davidson Elite Cycling Team
DNF Mark Warno (USA) Immediate Mortgage/Artemis Elite
DNF Ramon Benitez (USA) Immediate Mortgage/Artemis Elite
DNF Michael Githens (USA) Immediate Mortgage/Artemis Elite
DNF David Osborn (USA) Immediate Mortgage/Artemis Elite
DNF Sean O'Rourke (USA) Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team



anon said...

O'Rourke broke a spoke late in the race, Githens crashed (with one of the TV motos going down first on a slick corner followed by a few other guys), one of the Harley guys (I think Butts) flatted early. Those were the uncontrollable mishaps brought on by the ridiculous weather. The other guys rode super hard but didn't make the time cut going into the circuit or they pulled out voluntarily.

Jesse said...

I knew it had to be something. The weather was so bad, I'm surprised anybody finished. Too bad about the mishaps. I was talking to Githens prior to the race on a ride and he sounded pretty excited about getting a shot at racing with those caliber guys. Next time I guess.