Friday, July 18, 2008

The season is not over

1/2/3 @ Hunny Bop this weekend

3/4 @ Turkey Day whenever it is

2/3 @ Priority Health Ann Arbor Cycling Classic in September

The injury set me back on some goals I was trying to achieve this year, but there are still a couple of races to try and enjoy the road season before the depression of waiting till March sets in. The Ann Arbor race in Michigan excites me since it is in the Wife's "hometown" (undergrad at U of M) and my adopted second favorite school come college football season. It's right downtown and should be pretty exciting. Check it out:

I don't want the season to be over. I guess guys that have been racing straight through are starting to feel that burn out, but I got in only 3 this season...and I'm still itching to compete.

I'm gong to be "that guy" on the group rides that everyone keeps telling "it's only November..."

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