Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How can something so good be so bad...

This passion for cycling is a poison. It fills your thoughts...takes up too much mind space. I think about it all the time. A virus.

I love the bike, but it consumes me. I find myself searching for deep section carbon wheels even though I don't want deep section carbon wheels. I try to find team issue fizik seats in red and black (the ones with Fizik written on them). I type gamjams.net into the address bar at least once every 2 minutes. I look for races in states that I know I won't race in or even consider registering for. I wonder if Specialized, Trek, or Xtracyle would hire a government economist with a knack for software quality assurance all the time. I day dream of leadouts, big ring finishes, and epic climbs (and the ability to climb epic climbs).

I should be writing my Progress report now...the government's way of letting Management write their own progress reports. The coffee hasn't kicked in yet, so I'm here killing time till the caffeine hits the brain. Why can't it be Friday yet?

We're going to Jay's barn this weekend. There are about 13 of us going and it's going to be sweet. Pretty much a perfect weekend. I'm not much for climbing (I think Anglers and Brickyard are beasts) so I'm pretty sure it's going to hurt like a b!tch.

Watch out though...when we get back those R1V boys are going to be dangerous...

Coffee has kicked in...back to progress.


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Chickin said...

Hey Jesse... I have a few suggested routes for you :-) Hope you like stream crossings. But seriously, have fun out in WV. I absolutely love going out there.