Sunday, March 16, 2008

UMD 3/4

UMD was a brute. We went into the 3/4 race with the intention to create some hurt early on and try to minimize the field. I attacked on the first lap at the top of the hill and pretty much set myself up for not being able to breath for the rest of the race (that cold air burns). The legs felt pretty good, but my lungs were burning for the entire race. We monitored the front for the rest of the race. NCVC, Hopkins, Bike Doctor, and Kelley all got off the front (at different times) during the race, but nothing stuck. We all put in some pretty heavy efforts during the middle to help bring them back. With 4 to go, Brandon (with some nice nasty road rash on top of chemical burns...ouch bro) and I were sitting pretty around the top 5. I moved up to about 3 or 2 and kept jumping to the wheel of the attacker. Bike Doctor and Kelley kept jumping to the front with 2 to go and I would go with them, trying not to lose position and not to use too much energy. On the last bell lap, Bike Doctor attacked at the line and I went with him...nothing too serious as the group was behind us, but he carried us to just before the hill. He started looking over his shoulder for someone to take a pull, slowing down...and that's where I went. I figured that it was an all or nothing. I didn't check, but I hoped Brandon was there behind me and that if I couldn't stick it he would get dragged around by the counter. I was first up the hill and glanced to see that I had a bike length or two on second position. From there one it was just on the gas all the way to the line. Came out of the last turn with just enough space to hold of a quickly closing Bike Doctor and NCVC. Jose showed me a picture and I think the gap was about half a wheel...close, but enough.

Overall, I was happy to be a part of this one. Everyone did a great job working and riding together. Yesterday I was the lucky one. This year is going to be something special as everyone looks strong. R1V is going to be dangerous.


Bryan Vaughan said...

I called it! Great job!

GamJams said...

Good job, Jesse. A well-deserved win.

RayMan said...


Congrats on the win. You looked really strong at the beginning of the race and it was good to see you strong at the end of the race.

Kari & Jesse said...

Thanks guys.

Rayman was my inspiration...I think we used the same exact move for the finish... ;)

Congrats to you too Ray...first win, right? Plus against 5 R1V guys at the end too..impressive.

RayMan said...

thanks Jesse, it was actually fun racing with all the Rt1 guys. They were a good group: set a fast pace early, stayed in the front for most of the race, didn't listen to MikeE screaming for them to get off the front, and finally tiring themselves out. I think they could have worked better together by taking harder, shorter pulls instead of the lap long pulls they were taking. I think they'll work better as they do more races together. It was a really fun race and I only hope the rest of the races this year will be like this, especially if the outcomes are the same.

But, I really need to work on my sprint. If only I had Jesse speed, I'd be a contenda!!

Kyle Jones said...

Congrats jesse, I think you are so smart for going when you do. Everyone waits till the last second and you catch them off guard.