Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mental health days...

I was "sick" on Tuesday.

Now let me define sick. Part of me was sick that I missed Sunday's ride. I was also sick that I hadn't put in a truly "big" day of riding yet. I was also sick that I had to be inside on what ended up being a really nice day. I was also not feeling well enough to go to work.

But surprisingly, I was feeling well enough to go ride my bike. :) I got 100.3 miles in with a good session at Hains Point in the middle. I left the house with Kari as she was going to work around 9:00am, did a loop out to and down Great Falls on the Maryland side and then made my way back to HP for the lunch ride. Nima, Frick, Young, and a doozy of other heavy hitters were there so the pace was good and the sprints were fast. Here is the lesson learned from Tuesday:

1) In the sprint, if you're reacting to the launch, your race is as good as over. Frick and Young did a couple of two man leadouts that were unstoppable due to them catching everyone by surprise. At that speed, getting just enough of a jump on everyone else is enough to seal the deal. Even if someone else is feeling strong, they still have to come across to the two who took off and then somehow find the extra gear to pull through for the win...and against that kind of talent...good luck.

2) There is some serious talent locally in the D20/MABRA region...I'd put our top riders up against any other region and I'm betting we end up on top. Jersey? New York? Penn? California? Arizona? They got nothing on us. And when I say "us" I mean those 1 boys that are killing us all at HP and on the group rides.

3) 100 miles felt really good. I actually didn't feel that sore today and wanted to get out and ride with Esmonde and the gang in Arlington today...too bad work got in the way.

Tomorrow post work is DC World Championships at HP. Feeling pretty good, so we'll see what happens. I'm actually getting a bike fit finally at CHB at lunch tomorrow...maybe if the fit is dialed in a little better I'll be more comfortable on the bike...and maybe that will result in more power...who knows.

Cheers all.


Kyle Jones said...

100 miles in a week. Wow that is nothing my man. I did 50 yesterday. But I am not as fast as you even though I did half your mileage in one day. What a cruel world.

Kari & Jesse said...

For the day Jones...not the week.

Although it might end up being that way considering the lack of riding yesterday and today. ;)

Kyle Jones said...

Doh. hahaha. That is a lot for you then. I always read that you get only a few days in and your weekly totals are around 120.

I will read it better next time. ;-)