Friday, February 22, 2008

Why guys like me are not supposed to race bikes...

Monday: Took off, even though the weather was perfect. Slept in and spent the day with Kari instead. Bottled a bunch of homebrew that I had in the secondary fermenter. March 1st is a drinking day.

Tuesday: Got my @ss handed to me at Haines Point. Harley showed up on a TT bike and decided that he was going to flex his muscle and point out why he is a cat 1 and we all are not. The cross wind was killing us out there on both sides and 28 mph into the wind was just enough to put me and Tony (?) into the gruppeto off the back. Got into a little rhythem for a couple of laps, so the workout turned out okay. Best part about it was that it was completely unspoken. Both of us popped from the main group of 5 and just started trading pulls evenly. It's cool how there is a common understanding of working together in situations like that.

Wednesday: Tech 69, Maryland 65. Went to the game...enjoyed it too work out.

Thursday: Suffered because of Wednesday...did nothing.

Today: We'll see. Weather sucks outside, and the gym doesn't sound like fun. Maybe a couple of minutes on the trainer tonight. the point of the title:

1) Guys with size are not meant to ride bikes in the wind. That theory is completly based on how much I suffer when the wind picks up and really has no other basis. Give me a flat course with no wind and I'll show you a happy cyclist.

2) I like beer and other vices (sleep, food, laziness, etc) that are not good additives to proper training regime.

3) I hate the cold. That doesn't work out well in this area for winter/early spring training.

Back to work...

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