Sunday, January 6, 2008

Over two weeks...

That's how long it's been since I've sat on a bicycle, and I'm not just saying that to lull you into a sense of confidence before I attack the next time up Mountain Gate...I really haven't ridden, and that sucks.

Personal Inventory time:

Weight: Over 200 with clothes (no shoes).
Fitness: Poor
Mood: not so good
Bicycle: In the shop
Health: P!ss poor.

Somehow between the week and a half we spent in Michigan and now I've come down with some kind of super cold that has had me on my @ss since Friday. Coughing, sneezing, weakness, lethargy...pretty much any nasty symptom you can think of, I have. It's gross. This right when the weather broke too. I'm looking forward to all the posts out there about 4+ hour rides in 50 degree weather and how if you weren't out there "you missed out".

Mentally though, I'm ready for the season. I'm ready to start putting in big miles and spending a lot of time suffering back into fitness. I think that is one of my traits (not saying it's good or bad), the ability to be stubborn about my current fitness and having the desire to get back to race shape as quick as possible. Pretty much the next group ride you see me on, if i'm way off the back it was because I though "sure...I can climb with these guys even though I haven't done jack for over two weeks".

Anyway, somethings to look forward to.

1) I made a commitment to myself while hiding inside in Michigan during the 15 degree weather that I would ride a WHOLE lot more when I got back. Although I haven't yet, I'm not willing to say that I've given up yet.
2) The Route 1 Velo skills and drills sessions should be starting up soon. These were awesome last year to build excitement and team commroderie...I can't wait for this years.
3) New bike is being built up as we speak. I was hoping to get it this weekend so I could try it out over the weekend, but it's probably best that I didn't considering the sickness. I'm going to be riding a Specialized S-Works Tarmac E5 from a couple of years ago. It was the team bike then and they had a couple of XL sized frames left I gobbled one up. I can't wait.



ps All these posts about people putting in tons of miles is making me think the early season is going to hurt...and hurt bad. Should be "fun".

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Bryan Vaughan said...

Jesse, Hang in there. You have plenty of time. There's nothing like a new bike for a little motivation. I have one on the way too. Best - Bryan