Friday, January 25, 2008

I am Specialized...again.

There are two proofs that I've noticed recently:

1) There is a direct correlation to my mood and miles/week logged on the bike.
2) There is also a direct correlation to blog entries and miles/week.

So the new new bike is in, and has taken it's maiden voyage. After the troubles with the Tarmac S-Works E5, CHB hooked me up with a 2008 tarmac Pro frame in the white/grey/red color pallate...awesome looking. At first I wasn't sold on it, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It got put together this week. I picked it up Wednesday night and got to take it out for a spin today.

The Good:
Carbon is nice to ride....real nice. I'm a staunch Aluminum backer, but after riding the new whip...I might have to jump sides. The fit needs some dialing in, but at first ride I felt the bike was really large compared to the Giant. It felt like I was riding a bike that was too big for me. I compared the numbers though and think I know the reason behind it (I made a pretty table at the bottom of this post). I think the fact that the head tube is longer, it gives me more of an upright feel...which I'm not used to. Looking at everything else...the Giant is bigger, but with the shorter head tube maybe the aggressive position makes it feel more compact.

Now that I'm closing in on old man age, maybe the more relaxed position will be better for my back...maybe.

The Bad:
I think the non-drive side crank arm wasn't fully attached when I went out on the first ride. I was coming over the key bridge and the whole thing slipped under load. I was able to roll it back to the Pro Shop and they tightened it up, but they said that I might want to consider replacing it...just my luck, eh? I think it'll hold through the weekend. Another trip back to CHB though is in my near future.

Anyway, I got 200 miles in last week...which was good, but have put in a whole 12 so far this week going into the weekend. Not only am I Specialized, but I am not consistent.

I do feel like a Specialized billboard though when I ride...The bike, branding on the kit, the helmet, the shoes, the glasses, the gloves. Tacky? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

See you out on the roads this weekend.

Specialized Giant
Seat Tube Length (BB center to Top)580 mm585 mm
Head Tube Angle74 degrees73.5 degrees
Seat Tube Angle72.5 degrees73 degrees
Top Tube Length (Horizontal)600 mm610 mm
Head Tube Length230 mm199 mm
BB Drop67.5 mm65 mm
Wheel Base1013 mm1025 mm


Bryan Vaughan said...

Old man age??? You? Gimme a break! What are you, 30? Try 45 on for size. You owe us real old men out there an appology (right Ray?). You are only a little kid until you hit at least 40, then you can start using the "I'm old and [slow/tired/hurt/sore/stiff/grumpy]" excuses ;) I'm picking up my new race bike tomorrow. We will have to drag race on the Clara Barton one of these days soon.

RayMan said...

Yeah, Bryan's right. You're just a punk ass kid. Wait till you're our age, when you'll probably be riding one of those beach bikes with big fat tires.

I'm hoping to get out in time to meet the 7am near Mass tomorrow.

Kari & Jesse said...

punk ass kid?!? C'mon boys, in cycling years, I'm an old man...I'm at least 8 years in already....time to start thinking about retirement. ;)

I'm not drag racing with Vaughan...that dude is sick fast.