Friday, December 14, 2007


I didn't ride my bike this whole week. Not once. I had that good ride on Sunday and haven't done squat since. I suck.

Somehow in the past three weeks I've lost any prioritization I used to have. I used to believe that I HAD to spend at least a 30 minutes every day working out and if lucky enough, an hour at least three times a week down at Hains Point during lunch. Those days somehow have gone out the window, and now I find myself spending my lunch hour in my cube trying not to send my computer monitor into the neighboring suite via drywall and mortar.

To all you young guys out there trying to balance cycling and work...don't let work take over. I know we have to pay the bills, but once you lose sight of all the benefits that time spent away from the monitor and keyboard provide...bad things happen. I've found myself moody, angry, short tempered, and generally down (aren't those all the same things?).

Riding the bike is fun. Not only fun, but what ever chemical it releases into my body is the necessary element to keep my sanity in check.

I actually took out my frustration on the treadmill at work. Not a bad workout. Did 3 miles in under 20 minutes. I felt like I had to apologize to the machine afterwards though. Maybe I should ride the bike angry too...might have better results. :)

Anyway, we're in Boston now, with snow all over the no bike riding for me this weekend. Next week.

..."but you said that last week Jesse?"...


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RayMan said...


Great reverse psychology you are using. While the rest of us are most likely exaggerating how hard we're working out in the weight room, how many miles we're riding a week, or how many intervals we're doing, you're telling us you're not doing a damn thing. We'll all read this and think to ourselves, "well, maybe if Jesse isn't riding, why should we be working out so hard?". When it fact, you're probably at some exotic cycling camp getting ready for the upcoming race season.