Monday, December 3, 2007

Lazy and Jealous

So I rode one day this past week. Yea, I know...I'm awesome.

I went out on Saturday morning and put in 49 easy miles out the WO&D to Vienna and back. I actually bumped into a standing Racing Union & WWVC ride that starts at the caboose out in Vienna around 9am. A good group of guys that let me tag a long for a couple of miles. It got me thinking about all the group rides in our area. I usually stick to the big 7am Saturday, 8:30 BP Sunday, and 9:00 am Sunday CHB Shop ride, but every once in a while it might be nice to go out and see some of the other rides that go on weekly that I don't know about. Riding out through Vienna, Great Falls, and McLean was a nice change of pace, and really got me excited about being on a bicycle on a decent day (even though my toes were freezing). I've been thinking in the back of my mind that I'd like to organize a big group ride to do the Mt. Weather loop...not just the team guys (although they'd better show), but open it to everybody. Riding with the WWVC and Union boys reminded me that even though we all wear different kits, really we just like to ride our bikes...and it's more fun to ride with other folks of like mind.

Anyway, back to training. I've been reading Bryan's blog lately and all I can say is h0ly sh!t!!! That guy is going to be a monster come race season. He was already one of the strongest guys in the 4's last year and someone to constantly keep an eye on, but he is going to tear up the 3's if he keeps this up. That I am jealous about. The kind of miles he's putting in of wet dream material. Plus he's doing it day in and day out. Share the secret please!

So goals for this week even though the weather is going to be crap:

1) Ride the bike at least 4 times (indoors or out)
2) Try to make it down to the treadmill at least 2 or three times this week
3) Don't daydream about new frames
4) Convince self not to buy tickets to the Orange Bowl...



RayMan said...

You hit the nail on the head. BV is putting in some serious miles and he's looking really, really strong. Way stronger than during the race season. The dude's even a climber now.

Let me know if you plan on road trip rides. Would be nice to get out and see some different areas.

I'd really like to check out the Hill Ride up Frederick that the Artemis boys have been doing the past couple of weeks.

I pretty much took this week off doing hard rides. After the long week of heavy weight and hard rides, I was completely spent Saturday. Although, my power profile showed it was one of my easiest rides I've done all year, it was the most painful ride. I was so cold, my hands and feet were frozen, and my legs had absolutely no power. Just doing 18 MPH on the flats hurt. I did the B Ride on the Sunday BP Shop ride. My legs were still really heavy and sluggish, I just couldn't produce any power.

RayMan said...

Just re-read what I wrote and here's what I meant to say in the last paragraph

"I pretty much took this WEEKEND off doing hard rides"

RayMan said...

Do you still ride?
Haven't seen a blog update from you in a while, and just wanted to check to make sure you're still around.
Are you doing the BP Shop Ride tom?