Tuesday, November 20, 2007

...and it begins

We're live.

Okay short intro. I like to ride my bicycle real fast with other cyclists.

Sometimes "real fast" is a relative term.

I've been part of this super club for a couple of years now and have slowly gone through the ranks from cat 5 two years ago, a 4 most of last year, and finally moving up to 3 for the upcoming 2008 season. I've been lucky enough to taste a win, but what I enjoy most about bike racing is when it "clicks" with your teammates in a race.

Last year, the R1V boys in the 4 group came together and really figured out what it means to race as a team. We attacked when we were supposed to, blocked and watched the front when someone was up the road, chased down break-aways we didn't "approve" of, and even got a couple of leadouts going in the end. Sometimes we weren't successful, and that was okay since you learn from your mistakes, but sometimes we were...and those times were pretty neat.

So anyway, I sit at a desk, in a cube, in a really terrible office suite that has nobody else in it. Naturally, my mind tends to drift of into the world of lead out trains and suffering on two wheels. This will be my outlet. My written word is bad, my spelling worse.

How fun.


Kyle Jones said...

You guys did real well last year. I was jealous to see you finish races so well. Even when your wheel exploded at chantilly. Amazing. Look forward to reading your blog. Haha, now you will feel compelled to write now because someone is reading it.

Kari & Jesse said...

We benefited from having a lot of guys racing together...and a little luck. I'm looking forward to next year (as I'm sure all of us are).

Chantilly was pretty crazy. Very fun race. Plus it was a great excuse not to ride home!

GamJams said...

Welcome to the interweb. Will link for a leadout.